beautyWho does not want their nose to look like Emma Watson’s? Or their jaws to look like Benedict Cumberbatch’s? It is a dream of many people to look like their favourite celebrity or at least have fewer imperfections than the next person they see on the streets. While there are the instances of vanity overtaking the mind and getting addicted to cosmetic surgery, many who undergo surgery have been through difficult issues like accidents, lip clefts, cancer procedures and other surgeries which have made their bodies abnormal. So for those who are contemplating cosmetic surgery, here are some notes about the expiration dates for cosmetic surgeries.

•         Check before you get the implant

For those who want cheek fillers and breast implants, sometimes the doctor provides them with a temporary implant to see the weight of what is going inside their bodies. In most cases, the existing muscle and tissue framework will get affected by the implant (that is if the body does not reject it outright) and your body will start stretching to accommodate the extra weight. In a study conducted, among 30% of women who got implants required more surgery to get their body to keep the implants or take out the implants within the next ten years. To know more about botox Sydney, visit

•         Cosmetic surgery is not the elixir to immortal life

According to many cosmetic surgeons, people seem to have misconceived the idea of anti-ageing procedures. While cheek fillers and brow lifts will make your face look younger, it does not stop the biological clock and nor will it retain its shape as your body changes. The implant, filler or whichever procedure you undergo, will not adjust naturally to the body as it changes due to time and it certainly will not look good after ten years or so down the road. In cases where the body has failed to adjust to the implant as years go by, issues such as leaks, scarring, capsular contractions, creasing and buildup of body fluid has occurred in numerous cases.  And in these cases, the patients had to undergo surgery again.

•         The never ending cycle of surgeries

As your body will not accommodate its ageing with regard to whichever substance you ended up putting inside your body, you will have to undergo surgery again to make the implant stay in place or take care of other possible issues that have come up.

If you did a brow lift and then ten years down the road age caught up and your brows start to droop even lower, then you have to undergo surgery again. And according to some doctors, ageing seems to be going at an accelerated rate in areas where cosmetic surgery is done.

Expiration Date Of Cosmetic Surgery