Most women need not to undergo the procedure of egg freezing as the ability to produce a baby is appropriate and intact for their age. But then there are women who really require going for the egg freezing procedure as they might not be able to produce on time. So if you are the one who falls in the latter category, it is essential to understand some of the factors before undergoing with the egg freezing procedure. Let’s see what they are; 

Factors to consider when undergoing Egg Freezing Procedure 

  1. What are the chances of having a baby later?
    There are number of factors that increase your chances to have a baby later on once you undergo the egg freezing process. These factors may range from the age of the female to the quality of sperm her man is producing. The chance that a single egg will last to a live birth is usually 2 to 12%, which is why it is strongly advisable by the doctors that one should always get a couple dozen eggs frozen to increase your chances of success. 
  2. Will the hormone shots drive me insane?
    The hormonal shots and medicines will have nothing to do with your craziness level but yes, it does slightly affect your mood for a while and can also cause bloating. The hormones actually make the ovaries swell up a bit to accommodate and create space for multiple expanding follicles, hence, the bloating.  
  3. Is this a one-time thing?
    This totally depends on your age. The egg freezing in Melbourne process is usually the first time when a woman is actually getting to know her complete fertility health status. The number of times a women has to undergo this process depends on how older you are. The greater your age is, the more times you have to repeat this process.  
  4. Is the procedure draining?
    Well, yes. Egg freezing is a process that usually lasts for 4 to 6 weeks which starts with a daily hormonal shot that may require frequent doctor visits for monitoring of blood tests and ultrasounds. Once this process is done and the eggs have fairly matured, the next step involves extracting the eggs for them to be stored and frozen. This may not sound much, but when the actual procedure happens, this gets pretty draining for a woman who is undergoing this procedure. 

So if you are a female who is opting for egg freezing, you should start by gathering all the information and a detailed medical history and get an expert opinion from a reputable reproductive endocrinologist to be complete sure that this is the best thing for you.